Our high quality treatment from one of our highly trained stylists. The treatments do come at a small fee but it is truly worth it, we can assure you. for more information please call us or get into contact with us via the contact page.


For more information about a product please contact the salon via the contact page or by phoning us on 01738 815888



Cut & Finish                                                         From £30

Cut & finish (Mature Client)                              From £26

Blow Drying                                                         From £15

Blow Drying (Mature Client)                             From £12

Shampoo & Set                                                   From £15

Shampoo & Set (Mature Client)                       From £12

Hollywood Blow Dry                                           From £20

Gents Cut                                                              From £15

Under 16s Girls                                                   From £10

Junior Gents (under 16s)                                  From £10

Hair Dazzle Strands                                           From £10

K-Respect smoothing Perfectly Straight       From £120

K-Respect smoothing Anti Frizz                      From £80

K-Respect smoothing Perfect Curls               From £65



Essential Colouring (Excluding cut)


Regrowth                                                              From £30 

Full Head Colour                                                 From £40 

Quick & Clever Foils (20 max)                          From £30

Diamond Bar foils                                                            From £40

Full Head Highlights                                                         From £50

Full Head Colour 1/2 Head of Foils                     From £40

Full Head Colour c/w Full Head Highlights    From £55